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Frequently Asked Questions 

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+ How to use your Lattuga scrub

Use your Lattuga scrub after you shower. With damp skin, turn shower off & massage scrub on your skin using circular motions upwards. Let scrub dry on your skin for 5-10 minutes. Rinse off with water.

+ How Often should I scrub?

For best results use at least 2-3 times per week for 10 minutes each, spending extra time on “problem” areas.

+ How much scrub should I use?

• Use as much as you need to cover all of your skin. Usually 2-3 handfuls do the trick for each scrub session.

• It’s okay if your shower gets a little dirty, your skin will definitely thank you for it.

+When should I scrub?

• Your scrub session should be the last thing you do before rinsing with water and stepping out. If you plan on shaving, shave before scrubbing.

+How to store your Lattuga scrub

• Reseal the zip when you’re done scrubbing

• It’s best to keep your bag in a dry place in between scrubs.

• Try to avoid getting water inside your bag. Your leftover scrub should be kept dry to maintain its best quality & freshness.

• If for some reason you cannot reseal your zip bag, store in airtight glass jar or container.

+How long does my Lattuga scrub keep for?

• Because we use natural, organic ingredients, we recommend using your scrub within 6 months after opening. Using your scrub after the 6 month period will not be harmful but may not be as effective.

+Can I use Lattuga on my face?

• Yes, our pure ingredients are safe for your face. For sensitive skin, please patch test first. We usually go a little gentler on the face and neck that the rest of the body, using small, circular motions. After rinsing with water, use a light face wash to remove excess oil if desired.

+Can I be allergic?

• Lattuga Organics uses only pure, natural, organic ingredients. Still, everybody’s skin is unique and you could have an allergic reaction. Please ensure to patch-test first, before applying to your entire body.

• If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

+Can I Use Lattuga Scrub While Pregnant?

• For the mamas to be, we recommend you consult your doctor before you start using our products, mainly because of their caffeine content.

• Our scrubs are excellent for your post-pregnancy body. Target post-pregnancy stretch marks, tone and hydrate skin with our nutrients packed scrubs.

+Do you offer gift options?

• Who doesn’t love receiving gifts? We sure do! That’s why we offer “gift wrapped” options for all of our scrubs for an additional $5.00 USD. Includes a personalized card made from post-consumer recycled paper.

• Simply choose the “gift wrapped” option when placing your order. Please remember to include your message to your friend/loved one in the notes section.

+Shipping & Processing

• We ship from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

• Most orders ship the next business day. However, please allow 0-2 days for processing.

• Local shipping across Puerto Rico takes 1-3 business days.

• Domestic shipping across the US takes from 2-5 business days.

• Shipped via USPS

• Tracking information provided once your order has shipped.

• International shipping typically takes between 8-12 business days, depending on your local postal service.

• Can’t wait to treat your skin? Expedited shipping is available.