Our brand is the reflection of our lifestyle. Yes, we live and breathe the simple moments in this Caribbean oasis we get to call home. Summer is basically our year-long forecast, so we created organic products that could treat and nourish our bodies and deliver a unique tropical experience wherever you are in the world.

Finding transparency and eco-friendly practices in the skincare industry was not easy. We were always label conscious and many times preferred our own creations to the store bought products. That’s how we were inspired to deliver 100% natural, clean and organic skincare.

No matter if you are an existing Lattuga user or just stumbled across our website (yay!), you are so welcomed here! Stay around, let’s talk about the practices that drive our brand.



Lattuga Organics wants to promote a healthy mentality about skincare. We’ve been on both sides of the story; we know what it’s like to hear about “the perfect skin.” Around here, we don’t believe in perfection. How can we even measure perfection when we’re all so different? We love every part of your individuality and strive to help you achieve your healthiest, most beautiful skin.

Taking care of yourself should not be another to-do list. That’s why the tips we share have nothing to do with a specific formula. We choose to spend our time on the things that align with a well-rounded natural lifestyle, hoping to support you in your journey to your healthier self.

Challenge the narrative of beauty

Did you know that there are 207 million beauty boards created on Pinterest? No wonder, in the last years, beauty has become such a trending topic. As a cultural element, we believe in challenging the narrative of “photoshopped beauty” by creating opportunities for women to embrace their true, natural selves.

Beauty should not be a standard, but a distinctive reflection. You have the freedom to search for whatever makes you feel empowered and beautiful. Our plan is to walk this journey with you, learning and sharing as we go. As they say: it’s all about the journey, not the destination.


Puerto Rico

Lattuga Organics is made locally and proudly in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With every product make we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. How? By using post-consumer recycled materials for packaging, sourcing ingredients from companies powered by renewable energy, showcasing local ingredients and backing local suppliers (shopping locally).

Puerto Rico has given us some amazing natural resources, and we want to share them with the world. We are proud ambassadors of our beautiful island!

Our journey didn’t start yesterday. Growing up in a health conscious household has been the foundation for our practices. This is a continuous journey, and we want to share the lessons we have learned so you can design your own map a healthier life.

Camila Merino